Theresa May’s staggering hypocrisy

Theresa May hypocrisy
Back in 2007 Theresa May wrote an article in which she furiously condemned the Prime Minister Gordon Brown for not having a democratic mandate after he was appointed as Tony Blair’s successor and demanded an early General Election.

Theresa May’s complete U-turn on whether new Prime Ministers should call a General Election in order to seek a democratic mandate is a staggering display of self-serving hypocrisy. She’s clearly not even remotely interested in democratic mandates, because if she was, she’d call the snap election she demanded of Gordon Brown back in 2007.

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‘No confidence in Cameron’ petition is rejected by Parliament

David Cameron
After civil servants found excuses to remove more than 6,000 names from a petition calling for a vote of no confidence in UK prime minister David Cameron, the Commons Petitions committee has refused to debate it anyway.

The committee said it doesn’t have the power to schedule debates on motions of no confidence. Oh, really?

Didn’t the same committee schedule a debate on a no-confidence motion against health secretary Jeremy Hunt, in the Westminster Hall, on September 14 this year – after receiving an e-petition with around 220,000 signatures, calling for it?

The petition against Cameron has been signed by more than 188,000 people – almost twice as many as the 100,000 necessary to secure consideration for a debate in Parliament.

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