Global Warming and Our Electric Sun Part 2

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Global Warming in a Climate of Ignorance Part 1

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The Risk To Earth

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Climate Change HOAX exposed by Geologist

Perhaps the IPCC does not have any geologists on its team. They most certainly do not notice the sun. (Forsooth)

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Pakistan Government Warns It’s Citizens to Prepare for Global Cooling

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60% Reduction in Solar Activity Means a 5C Drop by 2030 | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035

This video is definitely worth watching.

“When the temperature drops like this, it has taken down dynasties, kingdoms, fiefdoms.” – David DuByne

“A majority of our wheat-growing productivity, corn and soy beans, is going to be affected in these areas,” says DuByne.

DuByne includes a chart showing temperature patterns during a Little Ice Age so you can see which areas are likely to get cooler.
Original source Ice Age Now

What if global cooling is the real threat and not global warming.

Most certainly global cooling would be much more of a threat to human existence. The UN has been pushing global cooling for some time now in order to bring about a single world government to control the worlds population and take away all our freedoms. More later.

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5 Truths About Earth’s Magnetic Reversal

Suspicious Observers

Top 6 Climate Change Problems

Piers Corbyn on the Myth of Man-Made Global Warming

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Weather Action

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Ben Davidson: The Variable Sun and Its Effects on Earth

The message has been loud and clear for many years—a community of scientists insisting that human activity is warming our planet, taking humanity to the edge of a precipice. But now, as science begins to understand earth’s place in the electric solar system, the meaning of the present warming plateau becomes clearer. The Earth-Sun connection, together with the Sun’s galactic environment, can help to explain climate extremes of every kind. Today, new voices and new perspectives are bridging the theoretical gaps, and independent investigations have reached some startling conclusions. No one can know the future, but some of the electrical changes in our solar system could point to catastrophic change on the horizon.


Our sun could Plunge Us Back Into The Dark Ages


Most people have absolutely no idea that the Earth barely missed being fried by a massive EMP burst from the sun in 2012, in 2013 and just last month. If any of those storms would have directly hit us, the result would have been catastrophic. Electrical transformers would have burst into flames, power grids would have gone down and much of our technology would have been fried. In essence, life as we know it would have ceased to exist – at least for a time. These kinds of solar storms have hit the Earth many times before, and experts tell us that it is inevitable that it will happen again. The most famous one happened in 1859, and was known as the Carrington Event. But other than the telegraph, humanity had very little dependence on technology at the time. If another Carrington Event happened today, it would be a complete and utter nightmare. A study by Lloyd’s of London has concluded that it would have taken a $2,600,000,000,000 chunk out of the global economy, and it would take up to a decade to repair the damage. Unfortunately, scientists insist that it is going to happen at some point. The only question is when.

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Understanding the Risk of Solar Flares to Our Planet


How to watch the Sun
A strong and powerful solar flare at the right time in the right direction could send us all back to the Stone Age. Our life here on planet earth is very fragile especially due to the fact that we rely so much on electricity.

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Ben Davidson on Climate and the Variable Sun

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Suspicious Observer

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The reason for ‘the pause’ in global warming, excuse #37 in a series: ‘trade winds’


Well not exactly #37, but it sure seems like it with all the handwaving we’ve seen lately.

So far, we’ve heard from Climate Science that ‘the pause’ was caused by:

Too much aerosols from volcanoes, ENSO patterns,missing heat that went to the deep ocean, ocean cooling,low solar activity, inappropriately dealt with weather stations in the Arctic, and stadium waves, to name a few. So much for consensus.

Now, it’s trade winds going too fast that are causing abnormal cooling in the Pacific. A new paper from theUniversity of New South Wales says that once the winds return to normal speed, well, look out, the heat is on.

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Our Changing Climate and the Variable Sun

Thunderbolts Project

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Ice Core Analysis Shows Fastest Decline in Solar Activity for 10,000 Years


Solar physicist Richard Harrison says he has never seen the sun this quiet in more than 30 years of studying it.“If you want to go back to see when the Sun was this inactive… you’ve got to go back about 100 years,” he says.

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