All of the Ways Big Brother Is Watching You

This may be happening in America but complete surveillance is being rolled out across the whole planet. One day everything that we do or say will be monitored. If you want to keep secrets you need to do them off grid. Certainly no Facebook, Twitter, use cash will you still can.

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Final Goal of the Surveillance State


Surveillance is coming at us from all angles. Chips, drones, TSA checkpoints, smart meters, back-doored electronic products, video cameras, spying home appliances; our phone calls and emails and keystrokes and product purchases are recorded.

The government and its allied corporations will know whatever they want to know about us.

What then?

Water, food, medicine, land use, transportation—they all become items of a networked system that chooses who gets what and when, and who can travel where, and under what conditions.

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Mainstream media admits smart meters are spying devices


For years researchers and activists have been warning about the health and privacy dangers involved with smart meters. As usual, the mainstream media ridiculed these warnings and insisted that smart meters were harmless. However, now it is becoming common knowledge that these smart meters can be used to spy on innocent people, and even the mainstream media is starting to catching on.

Is your smart TV spying on you?

As you sit down in front of your hi-tech television, you may think you are the only one watching.

But as you catch up on your favourite shows, your internet-enabled ‘smart TV’ could be harvesting your personal data or even filming you through a camera, the Ofcom chairman warned yesterday.

Dame Colette Bowe, who is stepping down from her post at the media regulator later this month, warned of the risks posed by new televisions that contain cameras and microphones, suggesting companies could use them to spy on customers.

Dump the TV there’s not much to be learnt from watching it

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Surveillance Valley Has Put a Billion Bugs in a Billion Pockets


Last week, we were treated to yet another shocking revelation of government espionage: leaked Power Point slides revealing that American and British intel agencies are using our most cherished mobile apps and games to spy on us. Apparently no app is safe from NSA snooping — not even Angry Birds, beloved by hundreds of millions of kids all across the globe.

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Apple iPhone 5S: Big Brother’s Dream Come True


As millions will most likely continue through the Apple food chain and purchase this phone, the NSA and bloated federal government at large will be beyond ecstatic. Because after all, it’s a real dream come true for the Big Daddy government spy state. No longer will you actually need to be arrested to gather your fingerprints — we’re talking about millions nationwide willingly submitting their biometrics to a database that most certainly is accessible by Apple and big government.

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