Mark Rylance – Join the Conscience Campaign

See more at Conscience: Taxes for Peace Not War
This is a wonderful idea. If we as tax payers could choose where our tax is spent then the world would really change.


Tony Benn – Freedom to choose

Tony Benn. A wonderful politician. This world needs more people like Tony.

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‘We’re fed up with war’, says minister: Public have ‘irrational’ fear of long conflicts


Politicians must pledge that future wars will be short with clear goals that will convince a ‘war-weary’ public, says Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.

A decade of warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan has led to a ‘climate of scepticism’ and an ‘irrational fear’ about military intervention in broken states, he says.

Even the threat of terrorism from volatile foreign countries no longer convinced British people that war was necessary.

“Future wars will be short” “irrational fear” I’ve read some stuff but this takes the biscuit. All wars are wrong, our leaders are war criminals. Any aggression in other countries will only cause people to hate us. The recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had nothing at all to do with 9/11. Yes we are war weary. STOP YOUR WAR MONGERING.

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Ben Griffin – We Will NOT Fight For Queen and Country

Veterans for Peace

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