Heartbreaking view of a Devastated Industry

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This is one consequence of the unnecessary lockdown, the industry will not recover from this. Once the jobs are gone they cannot be brought back. Grounded planes are lost jobs and hungry families. Most of these planes will end up being scrapped.

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Railways could be better

Travelling by train these days is becoming such a difficult affair, I am a railway enthusiast and lately I have been dreading the travel experience due to overcrowding, extortionate prices and punctuality. I have given a lot of thought recently to what I would do if I were in charge of the whole operation.

Firstly all travel would be standard class, first class is a waste of space and sets people apart. I have been on plenty of trains that are overcrowded yet the first class compartment is nearly empty. Standard class for all. I do not rule out luxury trains including Pullman and special steam or heritage diesel operated trains. I am an enthusiast after all.

Fares would be price per mile and all the different price structures would not exist, making it possible for anyone to just turn up and go, knowing that they will not be ripped off for last-minute booking as all prices are the same. No need to book weeks ahead to get the cheapest ticket.

Intercity or long distance travel would be reserved seat for all and no standing, if demand is high then longer trains would be provided or more trains put into the timetable.

There would not be lots of different train operating companies and no shareholders the government would run the whole network. I would nationalize the whole lot. More choice for people does not necessarily make life any easier with lots of different companies doing the same job.

Railways in this country are an essential tool to the economy and a service to the people. They are much more efficient at moving people and goods around the country than road or air travel and will in time be more important as the oil begins to run out and people can no longer afford to run their own cars or travel by air.

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