UK Column News – 28th September 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s UK Column News.
UK Column News

Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to the Healthy

“By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.” — Russell Blaylock, MD

Researchers found that about a third of the workers developed headaches with use of the mask, most had preexisting headaches that were worsened by the mask wearing, and 60% required pain medications for relief. As to the cause of the headaches, while straps and pressure from the mask could be causative, the bulk of the evidence points toward hypoxia and/or hypercapnia as the cause. That is, a reduction in blood oxygenation (hypoxia) or an elevation in blood C02 (hypercapnia).

It is known that the N95 mask, if worn for hours, can reduce blood oxygenation as much as 20%, which can lead to a loss of consciousness, as happened to the hapless fellow driving around alone in his car wearing an N95 mask, causing him to pass out, and to crash his car and sustain injuries. I am sure that we have several cases of elderly individuals or any person with poor lung function passing out, hitting their head. This, of course, can lead to death.


Is evidence masks don’t work being purged from the internet?

The dentistry journal Oral Health Group has removed a research paper from its website which found masks do not work to halt the spread of disease. They claim the paper is “no longer relevant in the current climate”.

The article – “Why Face Masks Don’t Work: A Revealing Review” – has been used as a source before by us before (see here), and was a great collation of all the research studies done on the effectiveness of masks as a disease prevention tool. In general it found the evidence suggested masks have little to no value as infection preventatives.

The author, John Hardie (BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC), is a 30-year veteran of dental practice, specialising in infection control. The paper had over 30 references and sources from academic journals and peer-reviewed studies.

It’s hard to say exactly when the article was taken down, but the Wayback Machine shows it to be intact on 25th of June, simply missing from July 2nd-9th, and replaced with the current statement on July 10th.

Fortunately once something is on the internet it is there forever, and you can view an archived version of the article here.

Read more at Off Guardian

The Pandemic is a Test Run

he death cult that wants to suppress humanity has issued their warning: the lockdown of the world in the name of the global scamdemic is not the end of this madness. It is only the beginning. Join James for this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch as he dissects the latest attempt to leverage the climate scam on the back of the COVID scam, and how both of these distractions are being used to indoctrinate the public into the death cult.

Corbett Report

UK Column News – 23rd September 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News.

UK Column News

The Mask Slips

Computing Forever

New Zealand gov’t to “Quarantine” all Covid cases

On August 12th 2020 Health Director-General Dr Ashley Bloomfield announced that, in future, all “positive cases” and “non positive cases” of Covid19 would be kept in “quarantine centres”.

This is cases, people who test positive, not people who are unwell. The more people who have the test, the more cases there will be.


Lock Step – The eerily prescient pandemic scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation

May 12, 2020 | Many people find Event 201 rather creepy, the role-play exercise around a novel-corona-virus pandemic, that the Gates-Foundation, Johns-Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum organized weeks before the Covid-19-pandemic started. Even more creepy and impressive, though, is the lesser known Lock Step scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation dating from the year 2010. It almost reads like the story book of the pandemic we are currently living through.

Lock Step is one of four „Scenarios for the future of technology and international development“, which the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network (GBN) came up with in 2010 after a year of work by a large team. GBN is described by its founder, the US-American futurist Peter Schwartz as a „high level networking and corporate research agency“. Schwartz has worked for the Pentagon and has ties to the World Economic Council. He sits on the the board of the (militaristic) Center for a New American Security (CNAS) and is a member of the 21st Century Council of the Berggruen Institute, which „develops ideas to shape political and social institutions“


London Real – Plandemic

The Science: Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe

Written by Dr. Colleen Huber, NMD

At this writing, there is a recent surge in widespread use by the public of facemasks when in public places, including for extended periods of time, in the United States as well as in other countries.

The public has been instructed by media and their governments that one’s use of masks, even if not sick, may prevent others from being infected with SARS-CoV-2, the infectious agent of COVID-19.

A review of the peer-reviewed medical literature examines impacts on human health, both immunological, as well as physiological.  The purpose of this paper is to examine data regarding the effectiveness of facemasks, as well as safety data.  The reason that both are examined in one paper is that for the general public as a whole, as well as for every individual, a risk-benefit analysis is necessary to guide decisions on if and when to wear a mask.

Are masks effective at preventing transmission of respiratory pathogens?

In this meta-analysis, face masks were found to have no detectable effect against transmission of viral infections. (1)  It found: “Compared to no masks, there was no reduction of influenza-like illness cases or influenza for masks in the general population, nor in healthcare workers.”

This 2020 meta-analysis found that evidence from randomized controlled trials of face masks did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza, either when worn by infected persons (source control) or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility. (2)


UK Column News – 27th July 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s UK Column News.
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How They Pulled Off The ‘Pandemic’

Leicester Lockdown Mystery

The people of Leicester are confused. Relieved business owners have been given virtually no notice at all that they need to shut down again, plunging them back into stress and anxiety; sports events that were set to go ahead have been postponed and people who were looking forward to restarting some form of restricted, if highly monitored and controlled, social life have had the chance to meet friends snatched away.

Leicester Council officials all say they understand the need to do this. Yet no one really knows what the reasons are, because none have questioned it. It is lockdown by government decree and nothing more.

Consequently, while the rest of the country is set to further ease lockdown restrictions, the people of Leicester are the first to have a local lockdown. They won’t be the last.


While You Were Preoccupied…


UK Column News – 17th June 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News.

UK Column News

Sadiq Khan: Mandatory Masks Will Be the ‘New Normal’ for at Least Another Year

One of the great impending disasters of the COVID crisis is that despite the fact that the Coronavirus is rapidly disappearing and its true Infection Fatality Rate is in the exact same range as the seasonal flu, politicians and government health officials seem determined to roll-out the globalist “New Normal” regime.

We’re continually told by health officials and the media that the primary reason for requiring face masks is to protect people from the COVID-19 airborne pathogen. There are numerous problems with this government belief system, not least of all because it assumes that every person is equally at risk of illness due to COVID-19, which is false. The vast majority of the general population are not at risk at all, as it mainly only affects one specific demographic: over 70 years old with chronic long-term health conditions, and within that risk group the majority of complications and fatalities have been with nursing/care home residents (none of these people travel on public transport). The other reason why this virus is not a threat to the wider population is because it is seasonal in nature; it has followed the exact same trajectory of decline in every country worldwide, and by now has all but extinguished itself in any significant form. But even beyond all of this, it has already been well-established by numerous scientific experts that masks are incapable of protecting people against this or any other respiratory virus.


FOOD CRISIS: “Things Are About to Get Much Worse”

Our food system is being systematically destroyed in order to pave the way for a new, FAKE FOOD system of control. UN officials warn that we are now entering Phase 2: “Food Crisis and Economic Collapse,” as Germany shuts down its largest beef & pork processing plant, the Netherlands starts culling animals for “fear of coronavirus spread,” and the US shuts 60+ food processing plants. Spread the word and start growing food today.

Ice Age farmer

Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal with Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped negotiate who would score a $100 Billion government-backed contact tracing contract in August 2019 — six months before the ‘pandemic’ arrived in the United States and four months before it swept through China. (Listen Above)

The shocking revelations were unveiled on the Thomas Paine Podcast and the Moore Paine Show on Patreon by the two investigators who blew the whistle on the massive Clinton Foundation tax fraud during a Congressional hearing in 2018. John Moynihan and Larry Doyle testified in Congress, detailing the fraud and schemes utilized by the Clinton’s to avoid paying up to $2.5 BILLION in federal taxes.

The investigative duo, in their first interview since that bombshell Congressional testimony, revealed to Paine that representatives from the Gates Foundation met with U.S. Congressman Bobby L. Rush at a sit down in Rwanda, East Africa in mid August 2019 to hash out who would score the windfall from a government contact tracing program. And just last month — nine months after the meetings with the Gates Foundation in Rwanda — Rush, a Democrat from Illinois, introduced the $100 BILLION H.R. 6666, the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.

Rush’s bill would establish a program run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for national coronavirus testing and contact tracing.


Bill Gates finally tells the truth

Gates the common denominator. Just a few of the people he is connected with.
World Health Organization
Imperial College London
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Event 201
BBC Media Action
John Hopkins University
University of Oxford

#ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action – June 13th

Bill Gates 4 part movie by Jame Corbett

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health Part One
Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World Part Two
Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid Part Three
Meet Bill Gates Part Four

Police Use Contact Tracing And Big Tech To Identify Protesters

By MassPrivateI

Countless warnings about how law enforcement could use contact tracing apps to monitor people have gone unheeded.

As revealed, police are using contact tracing to identify protesters’ affiliations.

According to Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harringon, officials there have been using what they describe, without going into much detail, as contact-tracing in order to build out a picture of protestor affiliations — a process that officials in the state say has led them to conclude that much of the protest activity there is being fueled by people from outside coming in.

A Twitter feed titled “Minnesota Contact Tracing” revealed how police are using contact tracing to identify and arrest protesters. “Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington says they’ve begun contact tracing arrestees.” 

Recently, 100 human rights groups warned that an Apple/Google contact tracing app could be used as a cover to identify activists and minorities.

An increase in state digital surveillance powers, such as obtaining access to mobile phone location data, threatens privacy, freedom of expression and freedom of association, in ways that could violate rights and degrade trust in public authorities—undermining the effectiveness of any public health response. Such measures also pose a risk of discrimination and may disproportionately harm already marginalized communities.

So despite all assurances to the contrary, it appears that 100 human rights groups were right; law enforcement can and will use contact tracing to identify protesters.


Unmasking the Truth: Studies Show Dehumanizing Masks Weaken You and Don’t Protect You

Dehumanizing masks

have sadly become a part of the new normal in many states and nations around the world. Many local and state governments are forcing people to wear them, and many businesses are dutifully toeing the official line and refusing entry to customers who don’t wear them. Apart from the obvious truth that widespread mask usage has a deliberately dehumanizing effect (in line with the transhumanist synthetic agenda), many scientific studies show that masks serve no useful medical purpose for healthy people. Masks weaken you by causing hypercapnia (increased carbon dioxide) and hypoxia (decreased oxygen). They are designed for surgeons (so they don’t accidentally transmit bodily fluids like saliva into a patient they are operating upon) or for sick people (so they don’t infect others via large respiratory droplets). Scientifically speaking, they don’t stop healthy people from getting infected! Below is the evidence showing this. This will leave you with the inescapable conclusion that these masks are not about protecting health – but rather about control, dehumanization and the destruction of health.


Coronavirus Monitoring Bracelets Flood the Market, Ready to Snitch on People Who Don’t Distance

By Sam Biddle

Surveillance firms around the world are licking their lips at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cash in on the coronavirus by repositioning one of their most invasive products: the tracking bracelet.

Body monitors are associated with criminality and guilt in the popular imagination, the accessories of Wall Street crooks under house arrest and menace-to-society parolees. Unlike smartphones, de facto tracking devices in their own right, strapped-on trackers are expressly designed to be attached to the body and exist solely to report the user’s whereabouts and interactions to one or more third parties; they don’t play podcasts or tell you how many steps you took that day to sweeten the surveillance.

But a climate of perpetual bio-anxiety has paved the way for broader acceptance of carceral technologies, with a wave of companies trying to sell tracking accessories to business owners eager to reopen under the aegis of responsible social distancing and to governments hoping to keep a closer eye on people under quarantine.


USA Plan: Militarized Control of Population. The “National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan”

The Rockefeller Foundation has presented the “National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan”, indicating the “pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities”. However, it is not simply a matter of health measures as it appears from the title.

The Plan – that some of the most prestigious universities have contributed to (Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins and others) – prefigures a real hierarchical and militarized social model.

At the top, the “Pandemic Testing Board (PTB), akin to the War Production Board that the United States created in World War II“. The Pandemic Testing Board would “consist of leaders from business, government and academia” (government representatives would not in the first row, but finance and economic representatives being listed in order of importance).

This Supreme Council would have the power to decide productions and services with an authority similar to that conferred to the President of the United States in wartime by the Defense Production Act.

The plan calls for 3 million US citizens to be Covid-19 tested weekly, and the number should be raised to 30 million per week within six months. The goal is to achieve the ability to Covid-19 test 30 million people a day, which is to be realized within a year.


Meet Bill Gates (Part 4)

Corbett Report

Bill Gates is only a pawn in a really big game

IT WILL BE MANDATORY? Something Major Is Happening This Year!

Video Advise

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UK Column News – 20th May 2020 – 77th Brigade

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today’s UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

UK Column News

Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

Corbett Report

HR 6666: The Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act. Towards a Totalitarian State?

By Renee Parsons

And so it begins with the first Congressional effort to codify what may be the first of many unconstitutional legislative attempts to create a totalitarian One World Government under the guise of attacking the coronavirus COVID 19.

Some weeks ago the UN’s World Health Organization recommended house to house searches for family members infected with COVID 19 and the removal of those infected into a mandatory quarantine. The American reaction was mostly ‘it could never happen here’ but that has not stopped House Democrats from introducing HR 6666 also known as the TRACE (Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone) Act .

Introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill) on May 1, the TRACE Act would establish a nation wide contact and quarantine program, has been referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee for a yet to be scheduled hearing before the Health Subcommittee.

That subcommittee has a hearing scheduled for Thursday, May 14 on “Protecting Scientific Integrity in COVID 19 Response” with no published description of the hearing or list of witnesses. With 39 co-sponsors, HR 6666 could be rolled into a larger CV response legislative package yet to be introduced.

HR 6666 grants $100 billion to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to establish a local mobile health unit in each community to conduct a diagnostic door to door COVID 19 testing program. With the ACLU nowhere in sight, there is no doubt of HR 6666’s unconstitutionality as the Act states that such testing will take place “at individuals’ residences.”


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UK Column News – 11th May 2020

UK Column News

This is the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE): Coronavirus (COVID-19) response. A Biritsh Government website. which is discussed during the above video.

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The Fall Of The Cabal: The End Of The World As We Know It [2020]

This video needs to be watched with viewer discretion. Some scenes may be shocking and the information may be shocking. It was what I had suspected for some time. If we all woke up and took back control this world would be so much better.
YouTube may take this video down at any time. So here is a link to BtChute
The Fall Of The Cabal

A Letter to the Future

The Corbett report

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If they don’t care about us then what’s the vaccine for?

Climate change wasn’t working and people were beginning to see through the cracks in the lies. The world was not going to end and CO2 is not a pollutant, it is vital to life on this planet. We do not cause climate change, which is so arrogant and we most certainly cannot fix climate change. Like what should the climate be? The climate has always changed in the past even when we were not here and it will always continue to change in the future. There is nothing we can do about it. Now real pollution that’s a different problem and we can do something about that. But the IPCC were not addressing that problem, maybe because that is not what they wanted to focus on. Keep it simple that was the key. It’s CO2 and the people could be made to understand that. It’s us and our life styles that are killing the planet.

Well it was not working so something new had to be tried. Enter a pandemic (Plandemic). Get everyone to be afraid of going out of their house and keep them in lockdown. Unfortunately this one seems to be working. Though there are as usual many cracks in the narrative. Many medical professional s are questioning the idea of keeping everyone in their homes and shutting down the whole economic structure of life on earth. The governments of the world through the main stream media are telling us lies again. This virus is not much worse than the winter flu which kills many people every year and has never been in the media like this new COVID- 19 has. We are to stay social distancing for more than a year until there is a vaccine for everyone on the planet. Now let’s say that the powers that should not be know that the virus is not that bad, but they want to give us all a vaccine. Well what’s going to be in this vaccine? Is the vaccine the first thing they thought of and then they had to find a way that the people will take the vaccine willingly? Is the vaccine the way they are going to ultimately control us or is it going to kill us? For centuries the ruling classes or the 1% have been saying that the world is overpopulated. Maybe they are taking steps to tackle their problem now. The fact is the world’s population is starting to decline for many reasons, such as fertility and lifestyles but that’s not going to happen quickly enough for the controllers. We need to wake up before it’s too late.

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UKC News – 17 Apr 20: Coronavirus, a second peak?

UK Column News

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Are There Lockdown Protests? – Questions For Corbett

Corbett Report

What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step.

Dana Ashlie

And then they came for the truth

It seems that after all the lies, wars and government propaganda that people still choose to believe in their governments.

The government lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, they lied about Afghanistan being somehow responsible for 911, and they lied about the so called civil war in Syria.

The trouble with liars is that as soon as you find them out you cannot trust them again to tell the truth.

So why are people taking what the governments tell them about this new virus as any different.

After a lockdown of say the rest of this year, the economy would be gone completely and most people will be on government handouts. Small to medium sized businesses will have gone, the banks will have hoovered up all the assets and big corporations will be the only players left in the game.

Perhaps this is the plan all along. A complete reset of the world economy and the introduction of a one world government which will control every aspect of our lives. The powers that should not be have been planning this for a long time. Unless we stand up and say no then we will only have ourselves to blame. They are few and we are many, don’t expect the main stream media to tell you what is going on. Get out there and see for yourselves and use alternative media while you still can, before it is taken down.

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UK Column News – 8th April 2020

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London Real is Front Page News On The BBC & Banned on YouTube For “Conspiracy Theorist” David Icke

Watch and share while you still can

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EVENT 201 – A Pandemic Simulation

Just as with most major incidents there seems to be a simulation just before the event. Same thing happened with 9/11 and 7/7/05.
The event soon after the simulation is very close to the simulation.

On October 18, 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with 15 other others from industries and intuitions participated in a ‘tabletop exerise’ for just such an event that is happening right now across the globe. Just another coincidence nothing to worry about. Perhaps there is no such thing as coincidence. Perhaps this is planned along with many other events in the past. With the ultimate agenda being total control of every citizen on the planet.

And on the back of this COVID- 19 virus we are seeing many other plans coming to the fore. One of which is ID2020. This will give every human on the planet a digital ID. It is being pushed as everybody’s right to have an ID for a digital age.

Bill Gates left Microsoft to concentrate on ID2020. Bill Gates is the second richest man on the planet at about $100 billion. Gates is on record as saying that vaccines could be used for population control.

Just some thoughts

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Smart phone surveillance is coming

Its coming fast now. Some say its already here. But now it is in the open with the BBC running the story that considers virus-tracing app to ease lockdown. See here BBC
Is The COVID-19 Outbreak A Trojan Horse To Increase Smartphone Surveillance? Zerohedge
The technology has been around for many years, but now the law will change for this to become overt. Mobile phone companies have been keeping records of all GPS tracking and this has been used in the past to record where a criminal is at a given time. But now you do not have to be a criminal. But in the near future you may have to post a smiling photo of yourself every so often to prove where you are. And on the back of this will be the rollout of ‘Social Credit’ which is already in use in China. We will all have to be good little citizens in the future to not get noticed by the authorities. Not sure what they want to do with people who do not or have never had a personal phone.

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With well over 3.5 million views this is getting a lot of interest

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Paris False Flag Exposed – John Pilger, Ken O’Keefe & Gearoid O’Colmain

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France state of emergency protest draws thousands

Thousands gathered in Paris to condemn France’s continued implementation of state of emergency laws, which they described as a government “coup”.

Saturday’s protest in the French capital drew demonstrators as varied as anarchists and undocumented migrant workers, among others – all of whom shared concerns that the emergency measures unnecessarily empowered security forces.

Backed by the new powers, authorities have carried out about 3,400 raids on mosques, homes, and businesses with more than 300 people placed under house arrest.

The French government extended the state of emergency in February, saying the threat of “terrorist violence remained very high”.

Activist Yasser Louati, from the Collective Against Islamophobia, told Al Jazeera the government was pushing forward with “counterproductive” strategies despite having no proof that they worked.

“There have been only four inquiries [since November] directly linking people with terrorism, meaning this is a permanent state of emergency and a permanent coup,” he said.


The BBC did not cover this story and the state of emergency may never go away.(Forsooth)

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Russian Official Calls For Global Coalition To Confront ‘US Dictatorship’

US World wide military bases


The director of Russia’s top law enforcement agency has called for the establishment of an international coalition to battle what he referred to as the US-imposed “dictatorship” on the rest of the world.

Director of Russia’s Investigative Committee Aleksandr Bastrykin said on Friday the world is in urgent need of a new system of checks and balances that would equally represent every nation across the global political spectrum.

The formation of a global coalition of countries could serve as “a feasible pole to counter the dictatorship imposed by the Americans together with their Western allies,” he said during a round table discussion in Moscow.

Bastrykin said Washington’s geopolitical dominance is founded on its financial might, which is based on “the uncontrolled and non-guaranteed” injection of the dollar currency into the global economy.

“It is against common logic to financially support the country that is using these same resources against our interests,” he said, adding the international coalition should ascertain the gradual exclusion of the US dollar from their foreign currency reserves.


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French Government Wants To Extend State Of Emergency

After the recent Terror attacks took place in Paris, France, a state of emergency was shortly declared and the authorities there were quickly awarded with expansive new powers. The nation initiated a lock-down in response to the attacks and the nation’s parliament extended the country’s state of emergency for several months. This allowed authorities to get access to powers that hadn’t been had since 1955. Including the ability to detain people without trial, search homes without a warrant, and block any website that authorities believe to be posing a problem. But after several months, the French government says it now wants to extend that state of emergency.

In the past few months since the attacks took place, law enforcement officials in France have conducted over 3,200 raids and they have placed hundreds of people under house arrest. But the counter-terrorism unit itself is said to have only opened five terrorism-related investigations. The government is seeking to extend these powers for another three months. Critics say that the state has yet to provide any compelling evidence that justifies the need for these emergency measures to be extended. The state of emergency has already been extended once before and it had been scheduled to end on Feb. 26 of this year.

This is how it is to continue as we move ever forward to a world police state. (Forsooth)

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Group of scientists gave standing ovation for plan to kill 90 percent of human population

Some clues about the origins of the latest Ebola outbreak may be found in the contents of a speech given at the 109th meeting of the Texas Academy of Science back in 2006. Professor Erik Pianka reportedly told his audience that the best way to kill off 90 percent of the human population would be to spread an airborne version of the Ebola virus, to which he received an enthusiastic standing ovation.

As reported by Australian journalist John Ballantyne, Pianka opened up the meeting with a series of highly disturbing statements on population control, which were so controversial that he had them censored from video footage captured at the event. Pianka basically likened humans to bacteria during his extensive rant, claiming that we are destroying the planet and need to be culled in mass numbers.

“[Pianka] argued that the sharp increase in the human population since the onset of industrialization was destroying the planet,” wrote Ballantyne for News Weekly. “He warned that Earth would not survive unless its human population was reduced to a tenth of its present number.”

In order to do this, Pianka proposed the idea of weaponizing Ebola, and specifically Ebola Reston, to travel through the air rather than just through fluids. Since AIDS apparently takes too long to kill off its victims, Ebola is a much better option, in his view. This, combined with the usual weapons of manufactured war and famine, just might be successful in culling billions of people from the planet.

“His preferred method of exterminating over five billion humans was via airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and kills its victims in days rather than years,” added Ballantyne.


What is the optimum population for this Planet 500 million or 20 billion and who decides? Who is arrogant enough to decide? (Forsooth)

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Ken O’Keefe’s Mission to End Payment for War

See more at Ken O’Keefe YouTube channel

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A Storm is Coming

The Crow House

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