Dolores Cahill – Time For Change Protest Dublin

Dr Marcus De Brun – Time For Change Protest Dublin

Gearóid Murphy

These school reopening conditions look more like child abuse

by Mike Sivier

Holywell Village First School (HVFS), in Northumberland, came under fire over its ‘ridiculous’ set of ideas for enforcing social distancing when pupils return to the classroom on June 1.

A now-deleted Facebook post seen by said pupils will be assigned ‘play bubbles’ where they will have to stay when they go outside.

A picture demonstrating how this would look showed hula hoops lined across the playground and marked with an x.

It said toys, soft furnishings and books had been removed from classrooms and outside playing equipment will not be able to be used as there is not enough staff to clean it afterwards.

Parents also raised concern about strict rules regarding use of the toilet and children having to ‘do their own first aid’ if they scrape themselves. The post said children will be given specific time slots ‘and will not be allowed to leave the classroom outside of their allocated toilet times’.


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When is the internet going down?

The internet is a threat to government control and the governments of the world love control.

The next thing would be for the internet to go down for a few days or even a week. This will stop everyone from finding out what is going on and forcing people to use the television and main stream media for their information. This could be blamed on terrorist forces and the time could be used to rebuild the internet in a new image that the governments would find easier to manage.

The best source of information the human race has ever had is under threat. We have a right to make up our own minds and read what we like. To deny us from this information is the same as book burning and it is a very dangerous time for us all. In the US the first amendment was put in place to protect the people’s right to free speech. The American Constitution is there to protect the people from the government. The government is a servant of the people not the other way around. The whole Constitution is under threat and the people need to rise up and take back their power, otherwise there will be no freedom.

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Vitamin C, Zinc & Vitamin D3

Other vitamins and minerals are available

Vitamin C, Zinc and vitamin D3 contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Oral vitamin C at 1000 to 2000 milligrams a day or more if your body can take it.

Take these 3 daily to keep you fit over the winter period especially Vitamin D3 as we spend more time in doors over the winter and do not make natural vitamin D from sunlight. Also if the sun shines get out there and soak it up.

Intravenous vitamin C (IVC) for hospital treatment against COVID-19 pneumonia read here   and more here

Stay out of hospital – treat yourself – save the NHS

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The Questions We Never Ask


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30 Things You Should Do To Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse

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Plan for the worst hope for the best. Think of it as insurance against a possible future event.

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Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs

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This video helps bring into focus the truly appalling world poverty we see today. The rich countries of the world need to do more to help the poor countries. Too much wealth is in the hands of too few people.

University Professors according to Sir Ken Robinson

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