US Rep: “Food Shortages Are Coming” – Crops Destroyed – UK Limits Purchases

Rep. Scott from Georgia warns that “food shortages are coming.” Farms are destroying crops, plowing under fields without the labor to harvest them! As new laws accelerate the demise of California’s agriculture, Washington’s governor commits an act of agricultural terrorism, emblematic of the wholesale attack on food production across the world. UK’s Morrisons resumes rationing of pasta and canned goods, and “Safety Marshalls” and police are being deployed to ensure social distancing — as Boris Johnson deploys the Army to assist. The scene is set for food shortages. Start growing your own today.

Ice Age farmer

Top UK Govt Scientist: ‘Lockdown A Monumental Mistake’

Prof Woolhouse OBE, a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours that advises the Government, said: “Lockdown was a panic measure and I believe history will say trying to control Covid-19 through lockdown was a monumental mistake on a global scale, the cure was worse than the disease.

“I never want to see national lockdown again. It was always a temporary measure that simply delayed the stage of the epidemic we see now. It was never going to change anything fundamentally, however low we drove down the number of cases, and now we know more about the virus and how to track it we should not be in this position again.

“We absolutely should never return to a position where children cannot play or go to school.

“I believe the harm lockdown is doing to our education, health care access, and broader aspects of our economy and society will turn out to be at least as great as the harm done by Covid-19.”


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Unite for Freedom

Dolores Cahill – Time For Change Protest Dublin

Dr Marcus De Brun – Time For Change Protest Dublin

Gearóid Murphy

UK Column News – 17th July 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s UK Column News.

UK Column News

The Fear Box and the Present Moment

Truthstream Media

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UK Column News – 6th July 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s UK Column News.

UK Column News

UK Column News – 26th June 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News.

UK Column News

While You Were Preoccupied…


The government acted illegally in closing schools – Boris Johnson has broken the law


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FOOD CRISIS: “Things Are About to Get Much Worse”

Our food system is being systematically destroyed in order to pave the way for a new, FAKE FOOD system of control. UN officials warn that we are now entering Phase 2: “Food Crisis and Economic Collapse,” as Germany shuts down its largest beef & pork processing plant, the Netherlands starts culling animals for “fear of coronavirus spread,” and the US shuts 60+ food processing plants. Spread the word and start growing food today.

Ice Age farmer

London Real Rose/Icke IV

See it here at 5 PM UK time 12 noon EST London Real

100% Farm Workers have Covid!? Forces Behind Riots Engineering Food Shortages Next

As riots erupt in cities across the US, the same forces behind the violence are engineering food shortages to absolutely bring this country to its knees. How could this possibly be achieved? Watch to find out. Then start growing food and work to defend our farms and food security.

Ice Age farmer

How Many Black Lives Has ANTIFA Destroyed So Far?

Tony Heller

These school reopening conditions look more like child abuse

by Mike Sivier

Holywell Village First School (HVFS), in Northumberland, came under fire over its ‘ridiculous’ set of ideas for enforcing social distancing when pupils return to the classroom on June 1.

A now-deleted Facebook post seen by said pupils will be assigned ‘play bubbles’ where they will have to stay when they go outside.

A picture demonstrating how this would look showed hula hoops lined across the playground and marked with an x.

It said toys, soft furnishings and books had been removed from classrooms and outside playing equipment will not be able to be used as there is not enough staff to clean it afterwards.

Parents also raised concern about strict rules regarding use of the toilet and children having to ‘do their own first aid’ if they scrape themselves. The post said children will be given specific time slots ‘and will not be allowed to leave the classroom outside of their allocated toilet times’.


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Other video hosting platforms are available

Some of your favourite YouTube channels are now disappearing as the digital book burning takes hold. Information is very important to everybody and if the ‘powers that should not be’ are taking that information away or censoring it, telling you that you cannot make up your own mind over what you read or watch, then what is the internet for.

All is not lost as other video hosting platforms are available. Many of the channels I watch are moving over to BitChute, but there are many others and a quick search will show you many. Just like Google is not the only search engine there are many others.

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London Real TV

London Real Letter

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Good Cop Calls Out Bad Cops

Officer Anderson is everything that a good cop should be. We need more of him. Every department needs to show this at their shift briefings each day until every cop can recite it from memory. It needs to a part of any Officer of the Year board as a guiding test of principle.

The Last days Of Freedom

This is the Problem: Good Cop Fired for Asking Fellow Cops to Respect the Rights of the People

Seattle, WA — Last week, TFTP brought you the story of Port of Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson, who made a video calling out the bad cops throughout the country who are enforcing mandates in complete violation of the oaths they swore to uphold the Constitution. This put a target on his back and in the cross-hairs of authoritarians across the country. Now, proving the point that good cops are hard to find and the system is set up to purge them from the ranks, officer Anderson has been terminated.


Another Cop Speaks Out About Officer Anderson Being Fired And More!

The Last Days Of Freedom YouTube Cannel

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Freedom does not come from governments it comes from the people

Freedom is not given it is taken.

Free speech comes from the people, it is not up to government to decide where the line is drawn over free speech. The people are many the establishment is few.

The people need to educate themselves and not from the government or the main stream media, but from their very souls their heart. There is real news and information out there and the governments control the information because the governments want to control the people. The government does not want an educated people who would see behind the veil that has been drawn over our eyes for many years.

We need to stand up and support each other against tyranny. If we do not stand we are lost. The authorities are people just like us and have taken a wrong path. It is not too late to take the correct path and stand with the people. We are all one in the universe, if we harm each other we harm ourselves.

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1200 Noon EST – 1700 BST Sunday 3rd May 2020

London real TV

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COVID-19 is a Huge Hoax Perpetrated By Media

Article from Principia Scientific International by Joseph Curl

When the postmortem is done on the media’s coverage of COVID-19 (and it will be), it will be clear that the virus was no Black Plague — it’s not even the flu on a bad year.

SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, has killed 56,749 Americans as of Tuesday.

That’s not good. But it’s not as bad as the 2017-2018 flu season, when 80,000 -plus perished. And it’s a long cry from what all the experts were warning about just a few weeks ago: First, they predicted 1.7 million Americans dead; then they redid the models (this time apparently entering a few more “facts”) and said 100,000-240,000 dead.

Now, a major model relied on by the White House Coronavirus Task Force predicts about 70,000 dead by the end of August.

And for that we shut down the U.S. economy?!

As the coronavirus swept across China, then Europe — then everywhere — the U.S. media breathlessly reported every terrifying number, almost gleefully. Their ratings soared, of course, as they scared the hell out of every American, many of whom have stayed home for the last 40 days, emerging only to buy toilet paper, but even then clad in masks and tiptoeing in fear.


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LOKIN-20: The Lockdown Regime Causes Increasing Health Concerns

Article from Off Guardian by Iain Davis

A new public health crisis, very recently identified as LOKIN-20, is raising increasing health concerns in the UK. In their response to a respiratory illness called COVID-19 (C19) the UK State are among those who have responded by locking up their populations and destroying their own national economy. This appears to be causing LOKIN-20.

The most recent statistics from UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) raise significant concerns about health impact of the lockdown regimes favoured by some, but not all, governments. All in response to a disease which researchers at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University estimate to have an infection fatality rate (IFR) of between 0.1% and 0.36%. Similar to seasonal flu.


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Puppet Dictators Play a Covid Card Too Far

The attempt to make the irrational and implausible appear rational and plausible has now reached dizzying new heights. The ceaseless flow of blatantly contradictory proclamations and actions emanating out of governments and global institutions that represent health, the economy and justice, sets the scene for the puppet dictators to play their Covid crisis cards.

With approximately three billion people now under house arrest, it certainly is not a pretty picture.
But here we are; and the media is the design and control agent for ensuring that this picture reaches every home and flat TV screen in the Western World. While the media’s main controlling agent may appear to be government, government moves in lock-step with the commands of corporations, billionaires and bankers and they, in turn, are beholden to some form of conductor who is not directing from in front of the orchestra, but from somewhere behind the orchestra pit – somewhere dark.

Read more at Julian Rose

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The people should have a choice of what to think

I will decide what to think

The governments and the main stream media have lied to us for years. They tell us what to think all the time. They lie about the truth and they lie by omission. They always choose what they want us to know, what to think. The main stream media do not have investigative reporters any more they only have repeaters, who just read what they are given.

They lie about weapons of mass destruction, paedophilia, antisemitism, Russian meddling in elections, 9/11, wars in Middle Eastern Countries, NHS, Novichok, Venezuela, climate change, I could go on. And now Covid-19 is no exception.

This new virus is not much worse than seasonal flu and they have locked down the whole of our society to keep it from spreading. The people are not going to take it much longer. Jobs and small businesses are gone and may never come back any time soon. People are suffering in isolation, hospitals are quiet, A&E is quiet. Nurses have time on their hands to do choreographed dance routines, while not practising social distancing. Are people not getting ill from other things such as cancer, accidents, heart attacks, stokes, etc. Figures are down for these illnesses, perhaps the virus makes other diseases go away. No people are suffering in private and probably dying in private. Many nurses and doctors have come out in recent weeks to highlight how quiet hospitals are and give first hand evidence of manipulation of the figures.

Book burning is taking place on social media right now. People should have the choice to make up their own minds and not be dictated to by governments and media that have been proved to be lying for years. Once a liar has been found out you cannot trust them anymore.

Wake up, this cannot go on and we must rise up and take back our power.

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How Sweden Beat COVID19 Without Imposing a Lockdown

Future generations will point to Sweden as the nation that exposed the utter insanity of shutting down the world’s economy to halt the spread a novel coronavirus epidemic.

While more than 150 nations imposed medical martial law to compel citizens to give up their right to leave their homes, go to work, play with their kids in parks and just socialise with relatives and friends one Scandinavian country refused to surrender to panic porn.

With so many countries now mired in billions of dollars of additional debt Sweden combated the coronavirus through a low cost, low-scale approach, applying the concept of ‘herd immunity’.

Fingers are being pointed at those who incited the greatest fear – those ‘experts’ who claimed their computer models predicting millions of Europeans and Americans would die.

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Donate Here for The Digital Freedom Platform


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A Letter to the Future

The Corbett report

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Are There Lockdown Protests? – Questions For Corbett

Corbett Report

What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step.

Dana Ashlie

Brian Rose – London Real

London real

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Food Production SHUTDOWN – You MUST Grow Your Own Now

This chap has been telling people to grow their own food for some time now. If you have some land you need to start growing your own food.

See more from Ice Age farmer YouTube channel


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Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs

See more at NumbersUSA
This video helps bring into focus the truly appalling world poverty we see today. The rich countries of the world need to do more to help the poor countries. Too much wealth is in the hands of too few people.

We are all one family

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Lexit the Movie

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European remain propaganda


There a lot of rubbish being spouted on both side of the ‘in or out’ campaign in the run up to the European referendum on June 23rd. More on the remain side.

Jeremy Hunt says that a Brexit would damage the NHS. No Mr Hunt, nobody could damage the NHS more than you are doing at present. Jeremy Hunt is on record saying that he would privatise the NHS.

Cameron says that the poor would be hit hardest by a Brexit. I think that the present Tory government is doing a great job of hitting the poorest hardest right now.

Cameron says the world would be a more dangerous place if we left Europe. But the present Tory government’s foreign policy is doing a wonderful job of making the world a more dangerous place.

Europe needs the UK. The UK does not need Europe.

Europe is but a stepping stone to World domination along with TTIP, TPP, NAFTA, CETA, and many other parts of the corporate agenda to take over the World and take our freedom.

I’m voting to leave. I’ve been waiting years for a chance to vote leave.


Strikes and protests in France threaten to derail Euro 2016

This week, France is not just clearing up after its worst floods in decades. Its citizens have also moved into their third month of resistance to government plans aimed at reforming the country’s labour regulations. And as the Euro 2016 football tournament approaches, a failure to settle this long-running dispute could hit the host country hard.

The French government’s proposed employment reforms have seen strong opposition since March, and have led to large collaborative protests. Students and unions came together on 31 March with a massive general strike attended by over 1.2 million people, and this event sparked the ‘Nuit Debout‘ (or ‘Night on Our Feet’) movement – which has organised people’s assemblies and occupied city squares.

Opponents of the proposed changes have said they will reduce workers’ rights and make it easier for companies to fire their employees. According to some polls, up to 70% of the French population is against the reforms, and over 1.3 million people have now signed an online petition opposing the changes.

A government under pressure

The government plans – referred to by some as “the bosses law” – have so far prompted strike action from railway and Metro workers, from employees of 16 out of France’s 19 nuclear power stations, and from Paris refuse collectors. Air France pilots have also threatened to strike. There have also been protests at most oil refineries and fuel-handling ports in the country.

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Huge strikes shut France down—and could bring government to its knees

Electricity production across France dropped yesterday, Thursday, after workers in all 19 nuclear power stations voted to begin strikes to defend workers’ rights. Around 80 picketing workers set up a barricade of burning tyres in front of the Gravelines station.

The government is already scrambling to cope with strikes in all eight oil refineries and blockades of fuel depots. Dipping into France’s strategic oil reserves hasn’t stopped an acute petrol shortage. A vote to strike by workers at France’s main oil import terminal will only increase it.

CGT union spokesperson Marie-Claire Cailletaud said, “All the nuclear stations have voted for strikes and 12 reduced production overnight.

“The rest were to follow this morning. Electricity will certainly have to be imported.”

Striking workers and supporters cut off both fuel depots on the island of Corsica. CGT official Jean-Michel Biondi said, “We’re joining the national protest movement against the Work Law and our action will continue.

“There aren’t many workers in the depots and the bosses want to intervene to make sure the fuel gets out, but we’re not going to let them.”

The escalation of strikes against a proposed Work Law last week has demonstrated vividly how workers keep society running—and how they can shut it down.

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Iceland Has Offered Foreign Bondholders A “Choice”: Sell Now, Or Have Cash Impounded Indefinitely

Iceland has had a difficult past few months politically, as its Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunlaugsson became the first casualty of the Panama Papers.

Economically however, the story is more upbeat, as the country has rebounded since the financial crisis. The Icelandic Krona has stabilized against the Euro, the rate of change in inflation has slowed, and the country has recorded year-over-year growth in GDP each year since 2011.

However, in a shocking turn of events, a law passed on May 22 by Iceland’s parliament is offering the foreign holders of about $2.3 billion worth of krona-denominated bonds a choice of either selling out in June at a below-market exchange rate, or have the money they receive upon maturity be impounded indefinitely in low interest bank accounts. In other words, Iceland is trying to kick out foreign investors.

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Tory lies over the EU

This is pretty awkward for the Prime Minister and his Remain campaign. The paving slabs let the cat out of the bag – the very same group of campaigners have just swapped a banner. Then shuffled around to pretend they are different people in a different city at a different time.

Resorting to recycling activists for photo ops betrays the lack of support for Cameron’s version of the EU. Perhaps because his Europe is one of tax avoidance, corporate hegemony and privatisation.

In 2013, he personally shielded offshore trusts – much like the one that benefited him – from an EU tax crackdown.

Meanwhile, he has always firmly supported the US-EU ‘trade deal’ the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which would allow US giants to subvert our democracy in kangaroo courts while suing our governments for being perceived to inhibit profit. TTIP would also open up our public services to further privatisation.

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‘Poland is Dying Under EU Occupation’: Warsaw Should Follow British Suit

Poland has been hindered by EU membership and would have outclassed even Germany had it not joined the European Union, Polish politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke said, adding that if the British decided to exit the EU, Poland should follow suit.

Though admitting that Warsaw has been receiving financial assistance from the EU, Korwin-Mikke, the founder of the libertarian conservative party KORWiN, said that Poland had lost more than it had gained.

“We could live like kings… Our economy was growing 8 percent […] before we entered the EU. Now we are down to 1 percent, sometimes 2. These losses are absolutely terrible,” he complained, adding that “if we had maintained the previous growth rate would have been ahead of Germany.”
Janusz Korwin-Mikke insisted that “Poland is dying under EU occupation” and therefore should leave it.

Moreover, he believes that the the entirety of Europe is dying, people will soon take to the streets and that Europe will plunge into a major crisis before 2018.

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Iceland’s Biggest Political Party Is Now The “Pirate Party”

Iceland’s anti-establishment Pirate Party continues to lead nationwide polls as the most popular choice for the next elections. The party — whose policies include internet freedom, drug decriminalisation, and open democracy — has consistently led the polls for the last year and, as a result, has secured more funding than any of its rivals.

The 2008 financial crisis hit Iceland hard. The following year, the krona was devalued by around 50%, unemployment doubled, and capital controls were introduce. Miraculously, the country rose from the ashes to become one of Europe’s top performers in terms of growth. More recently, the political establishment has been in turmoil since three government ministers were implicated in the global Panama Papers scandal.

Despite their struggle, or perhaps because of it, the list of reasons to admire Icelanders keeps on growing. Whether it’s the sentencing of senior bankers — or the mass outrage at the offshore leak, which propelled 10% of the population to the streets and ousted the Prime Minister — the radical refusal of Icelanders to bow down and accept establishment corruption is admirable.

Because of this, the surge in popularity of the once-fringe Pirate Party comes as little surprise — recent polls suggest almost half the nation supports them. In Iceland, financial support for political parties is allocated based on how well they have done in polls.

The Collapse of the European Union: Return to National Sovereignty and to Happy Europeans?

Be aware, the EU as it exists today, is not the invention of Europeans; it is a construct thought out immediately after WWII by the US, so as to keep Europe under her control – and to create a buffer zone vis-à-vis communism, the Soviet Union. It worked so far. This idea still prevails, as we see every day how Russia and her leader is being demonized and slandered by the western media. Let us be frank, if it weren’t for the strategic clear-headedness and foresight of President Putin, we – Europe – would be for the third time in 100 years enmeshed in a world war. And if we let this Washington imposed trend continue, Europe will become an Anglo-American slaveland. Just look at TTIP and TiSA.

A true federation of sovereign European countries down the road, perhaps even with a common currency and a real central bank, may be a viable long-term solution for Europe. But – and this is the most important BUT, such a Europe will have to be designed by true and honest Europeans – am I dreaming? – and absolutely without any influence of the United States of America. None.

Anyone of the 28 EU countries could return happiness to the people of Europe; could take the pain, frustration, fear and anxiety away; could reinstate national sovereignty, could bring national pride and local – instead of global – economy to the fore – by exiting the EU, by forfeiting the euro, by taking the reign of their people into the hands of a sovereign, democratic government.

A simple exit by one country – Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, the UK, France… you name it, could bring the ferocious debt machine to a grinding halt, opening the opportunity of joining a new, more just and more equal monetary scheme – the nascent combined eastern economic space of China, Russia, BRICS, SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) and the EEU (Eurasian Economic Union).

To be sure, time is important. Not for nothing Obama is pushing for speedy conclusions and signing of the disgraceful TTIP. The signing of these predatory agreements, TTIP, TiSA, TPP, is a key agenda item of Obama’s Presidency; his corporate and military legacy – NATO expansion is part of it – may depend on it. Once these treaties are signed, there is no way back. If the TTIP is ratified despite all logic, and if subsequently the EU fell apart – each country would still be held accountable to the terms of the agreement. Hence, time for an EU collapse before signing of the TTIP and TiSA is of the essence.

This radical solution may be too much even for staunch EU / Euro opponents. Many of them still seek, hope and dream of a reformed EU. They still live under the illusion that ‘things’ could be worked out. Believe me – they cannot. The Machiavellian US-invented venture, called European Union with the equally US-invented common currency – the Eurozone – has run its course. It is about to ram the proverbial iceberg. The EU-Euro vessel is too heavy to veer away from disaster. Europe is better off taking time to regroup; each nation with the objective of regaining political and economic sovereignty – and perhaps with an eye a couple of generations down the road envisaging a new United Europe of sovereign federal states, independent, totally delinked from the diabolical games of the western Anglo-American empire.

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British tea & toast under threat from impending EU kettle, toaster ban

The EU looks set to ban certain high-powered kettles and toasters shortly after June’s referendum in a move that has been described as an “assault” on the staple British breakfast of tea and toast.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker revealed the decision to push ahead with the plans soon after the Brexit referendum on June 23, despite some senior EU officials warning the move would bring “ridicule.”

The plans were prepared by Brussels months ago, but were shelved over fears they could be seen as an attack on Britain and influence the outcome of the referendum.

Internet routers, hair and hand-dryers, mobile phones and patio jet-washers are also being examined by Commission experts as part of a wider strategy to dramatically cut energy use in the home.

‘Why a European Super State Must Be Resisted’

by Julian Rose

The European Union is a centralised super state trading block whose conceptual origins lie in the Third Reich of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

The concept of ‘global trading blocks’ was already well established under Hitler’s regime, but their origins go back further: to the British Royal Society. Post British Empire colonial ambitions were hatched around the desire to form a number of global trading empires whose leadership would be essentially elitist and corporate, with banks mostly at the helm.

Here lies the origin of the ‘free trade’ concept. A trading pattern which is anything but ‘free’ due to the fact that it is designed to prevent any one country stopping any other country from resisting the import of products that it has no need or no wish for: I.E GMO maize and soya, beef raised using growth hormones or sweat shop mass produced cheap goods that undermine the ability of the blocking country to fairly trade its own quality home-made items.

Free Trade is controlled by the World Trade Organisation, another autocratic top down institution the majority of whose board is composed of the CEO’s of the World’s largest multinational and transnational corporations with a sole interest in profit and power. A hallmark of the neo conservative and neo liberal capitalist dream (nightmare) which is dying a painful death even as I write.

Greens, including the political faction which unwittingly or unthinkingly (or both) keeps one foot firmly inside the door of such regimes, seem oblivious to the forces that drive the corporate agenda ruling planet Earth. Maybe because their campaigning arm is obsessed with finding ways to promote the utterly meaningless multi-purpose catch-all ‘sustainable development’, or arguing about the effects of ‘climate change’ or naively encouraging the ‘Agenda 21’ countryside depopulation propaganda exercise.

It simply doesn’t seem to matter to most international environmental organisations. That might be because such organisations have already been living out of the pocket of the corporate purse for at least two or three decades. They probably learned that catch phrase “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” and agreed that winning the war against global destruction is best done by cozying-up to the very forces that are complicit in the destruction process. This can be easily achieved by offering a little green spin as fair exchange for being bankrolled into embellishing otherwise insufferable corporate agendas.

The founding father of the European Union Jean Monnet, said in a letter to a colleague in 1952.

“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose but which will irreversibly lead to federation.”

I’m voting out and have been waiting years for this chance. (Forsooth)

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Denmark opens 1st food waste supermarket

Denmark is said to throw away huge amounts of food every year, but it has just taken a major step towards alleviating the problem. Its first social supermarket with surplus food is now open to customers.

Hundreds of people visited the new store since its grand opening that took place in Copenhagen on Monday. The new store, called WeFood, will be selling a variety of products that would otherwise end up in the trash because of damaged packaging or because they are past their expiry dates. The prices are 30 percent to 50 percent lower than those in regular shops.


We should never throw away food. In fact it could be made a criminal act for large corporations to waste food. (Forsooth)

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Referendum out of the EU

Falling like dominoes: Now Holland wants its OWN referendum on quitting EU.

DUTCH voters have demanded their own in/out referendum on EU membership amid fears in Brussels the whole 28-country bloc is under threat. In a new opinion poll in the Netherlands, a majority of voters said they backed the country having its own in/out referendum on EU membership similar to the UK’s. More than half (53 per cent) supported an in/out vote with 44 per cent opposed and four per cent unsure.


Serbia Says EU Membership ‘No Longer the Big Dream’ for Balkan Candidates

Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said that the refugee crisis affecting the EU and the possibility of Britain leaving the bloc have made accession to the Union less appealing to Balkan candidate countries, Reuters reported

“The EU that all of us (Balkan countries) are aspiring to, it has lost its magic power. Yes, we all want to join, but it is no longer the big dream it was in the past,” Vucic said.


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6 simple ways to fix the NHS

The junior doctors’ strike on 10 February was not inevitable. Simple steps could have been taken to resolve the dispute, ensuring a quality NHS for both staff and patients. But the stubborn response of Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and his government has made industrial action essential.

The first necessary step to resolve the dispute would be to throw the proposed junior doctor contract in the bin. The Health and Social Care Act would then need to be repealed, along with the privatisation it encourages, and the incredibly wasteful Private Finance Initiative (PFI) abolished. Cuts would need to stop and the NHS would need to receive sufficient funding. Finally, staff should be given more control over what happens in their workplace.

In short, the government must listen to health professionals rather than overpaid bureaucrats, businessmen and corporate interests.


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The World is round – it’s a sphere


Actually it’s an oblate spheroid to be precise

The internet is full of rubbish about the earth being flat, I’ve never seen so much of it in great detail. This is just a distraction. It’s a shame that people do not get interested in something that really matters than wasting so much time on this flat earth nonsense. There are real problems with the world which need more time spent on solving.

I’m sure that the chaps in the international space station can see the world for what it is, they travel round it many times each day.

The world is a sphere and it is covered in humans fighting each other instead of living together in peace.

Wake up people.


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Highest EU Court Considers Criminalizing Website Hyperlinks


The highest court in the European Union this week heard arguments which could impact the ability to link to content on the Internet.

Presiding over a case threatening the nature of the web as we know it, the European Court of Justice (CJEU) on Wednesday debated whether website hyperlinks to content which infringes copyright laws should be permitted.

The court heard arguments regarding the GS Media case, in which a popular Dutch blog site posted links to leaked photos on a separate file hosting site.

Arguing the central role hyperlinks play in the digital environment, the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) wrote that linking to content freely available online should be legal and was already ruled on by the court in earlier cases.

“If this capacity to link is put in doubt, the web would lose its universality and power,” the CCIA wrote. “The most important information medium of our time would be hobbled.”

The EU’s assault on hyperlinks was not without warning.

Last November, European Parliament member Julia Reda said the “European Commission is preparing a frontal attack on the hyperlink, the basic building block of the Internet as we know it,” and warned the commission’s decision to “break the Internet” could also affect American websites linking to European content.

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Ancillary Copyright 2.0 MEP Julia Reda

It’s up to us to save the internet. They will try anything to take it away from us. Without internet freedom we would be back to the main stream media to get our information, which is heavily controlled – They only tell us what they want us to know. (Forsooth) 

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