What if the vaccine is about population control

What if the vaccine is about population control and that was the agenda all along. It is looking like the virus is not much worse than ordinary flu. Keeping people indoors so they cannot find out what is really going on whilst there are many stories of near empty hospitals around the world. Not being able to get together in groups to discuss each other’s experiences with only the internet to talk to others where it can be monitored and dealt with if people are getting to close to the truth. Now in Germany they are starting to lock people up in mental institutions with just one doctor’s signature as with Beate Bahner a German medical lawyer who was asking for the country to be opened up and end the lockdown.

When you see all the mistakes that the Gates Foundation has been making over the years in the third world with vaccine testing, you begin to wonder if they were mistakes or just tests to see how a vaccine could sterilise people or simply kill them off altogether.

And in the past few weeks Bill Gates has been all over the news as the saviour of the people with a new vaccine. I cannot trust this man with anything, not even saving Microsoft from viruses let alone people. Until Donald Trump said that the US would stop funding the WHO, Bill Gates was the second most important funder of this group. Now he is the top funder of the World health Organization.

The gates Foundation is carrying on the work of his Fathers (W H Gates) work with Planned Parenthood in dominating the world of technology (tracking), medicine (vaccine) and now agriculture (GMO).

Read more about the Gates Foundation and his father at TOTT NEWS

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