You couldn’t make it up

Ukraine wants to criminalize calling Russia ‘Russia’

The Ukrainian parliament is to consider a bill, which would make calling Russia ‘Russia’ a criminal offense. The bill penned by a Radical Party MP says ‘Russia’ derives from Ukraine’s historic name and can’t be used by the Russian Federation.

With the word ‘Russia’ inadmissible, the bill says ‘Moscovia’ should be used instead.

Violating the ban would be considered a crime and punishable by a fine of about $2,875 and twice that much for repeat offenders and government officials.

The bill was submitted in June 2015 by Oksana Korchinskaya of the Radical Party and is listed for a hearing during parliament’s ongoing session, which will last until July 22. The exact date of the hearing hasn’t been set yet.

Egyptian 4-Year-Old Sentenced to Life in Jail for Murder

The court ruling against 4-year-old Ahmed Mansour Karni are for a homicide and other crimes that took place when was less than 2 years old.

In one of the country’s most absurd moves, a court in Egypt sentenced a 4-year-old boy to life in prison as his name was in a list of 115 people “wanted” for murder, disturbance of the peace and damaging state property, local media reported Thursday.

Ahmed Mansour Karni, 4, received the harsh verdict Tuesday after being convicted in absentia of offenses that took place in January 2014, when Karni was less than 2 years old. The court regards him as a fugitive along with the other 114 people.

The indictment included four counts of murder, eight counts of attempted murder, vandalizing property belonging to the Egyptian Health Administration in his home province southeast of the capital Cairo as well as threatening soldiers and police officers and damaging vehicles belonging to security forces.

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