UN Commission: Israel Bombing Elementary Schools Not Considered War Crimes


‘The High Level International Military Group—a UN-commissioned group made up of 11 former chiefs of staff, generals, senior officers, and political leaders from the U.S., Germany, Spain, Holland, the U.K., Italy, Australia, and Colombia—dismissed all charges and allegations of Israel’s war crimes after investigating last summer’s attack on Gaza.

The report was issued on Saturday following the group’s five-day trip to the region in March. It ultimately claims that Israel acted responsibly and with much restraint when the IDF bombarded Gaza last summer during what is known as “Operation Protective Edge.” The report even refers to the attack as “legitimate.”

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This is absolutely unbelievable to me, do none of these people have any backbone. Perhaps it is long past time to disband the UN, it is surely of little use in this world apart from protecting the evil crimes of rouge states such as Israel. The Palestinians have been suffering for far too long now, when will the world stand up to Israel, what is it they are worried about, what is the worst that can happen for criticising crimes against humanity. Israel is an occupying force in Palestine.  


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