Why the Deliberate Irradiation of Humanity and Planet Earth?


Maybe it’s beyond most peoples’ current grasp of reality, but humanity is being steered. Ever so deftly, ever so slowly. Many will say it’s simply the banksters or corporate greed hounds, but there is much more than meets the oft unfocused, fluoridated eye.

There are many questions as well as theories regarding the clearly engineered global destruction we are witnessing. Why would the “elites” do this to themselves and their own families? This argument is embraced by questions about chemtrails, GMOs, fluoride, vaccinations and the rest. It’s easily answered on many conjectured levels. One, they don’t partake of them to a large extent, or have special antidotes to these chemical invasions. That and/or they’re convinced the overarching program is so profoundly important any sacrifice is justified.



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