Ten years ago we marched

Ten years ago we marched, we marched like nobody has ever marched in Britain. 2 million of us marched in London February 15 2003. We were telling our government that we opposed our country going to war with Iraq. There were many more marches and demonstrations right across Britain and around the world for that matter. I believe that many more people would have come but could not for various reasons. The Blair government did not listen, they abused the trust we the people put in them to look after our interests, they were in breach of trust and they are not brought to book. They get away with it time after time. Ten years later and the death toll in Iraq is 1,200,000 and still rising, the hawks were wrong, we were right and we new we were right. Iraq is worse off now, much worse off.

The government still keeps saying that intervention in other countries makes our streets safer. What utter rubbish, if anything we are less safe due to wars in other contries. But they keep on saying this lie until people eventually believe it.

In the last ten years our country has gone on the war rampage in Libya, yet another mess, they have made the country almost completely lawless. And now Mali, what the hell are they playing at. Breach of trust folks, breach of trust.
Stop the War Coalition

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