The Story of Stuff

If you ever wondered where all our stuff comes from and where it will all eventually end up, then listen to this well-presented story of stuff from Annie Leonard.

We humans certainly cannot go on the way we are, using up the resources of this planet, we desperately need to change our ways and fast. Recycling is good and we should do this but it is only scratching the surface, most waste is generated during the manufacturing process. Do we really need the products that we buy and do we really need to change the bathroom or kitchen furniture just because it is out of date. Do we really need the latest gadgets? We need to make things that will last for a long time in order to stop the wasteful manufacturing process Everything is driven by profit and more profit. Capitalism and market forces are very destructive and this system of commerce needs to be dispensed with now and replaced with something much more sustainable before it is too late.

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