More than just ‘chip and pin’

I can now see where it is all going with mobile phones, credit cards and I D cards, they will all merge into one item and it is sooner than you think.

The National Irish Bank recently announced that it would no longer be handling cash in its entire branch network, whether by payments over the counter or withdrawals and this will happen over the next 18 months from December 2009. The NIB is Danish owned by Danske Bank where the use of cash is less common in Scandinavia.

It was announced recently that cheques as a method of payment would be finished with by 2018 and the use of cash is on the decline, with card payments taking over most transactions. According to Steve Perry vice president of Visa Europe “cash is expensive” and “we need to be using it less”. The new Visa Paywave contactless card is to be used for smaller payments, which they say would be much more convenient than fumbling in your pocket for small change. Peter Ayliffe the Visa Europe president says that Visa’s vision for the future would be to insert a chip into mobile phones to do away with cards altogether.

The mobile phone is now commonly used to pay for such trivial things as car parking fees and now many other small transactions.

The whole thing can now easily go one step further by inserting a chip in the human body. This can be used to make payments, carry your medical records and actually be your I D card.

Mobile phones are getting smaller all the time and in the near future it would be possible to insert a communication device into the human body

It started with cats and dogs then people with serious illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes, then criminals, next will be the rest of us.

Now that the new national healthcare bill has gone through in the US, which will be mandatory to all US citizens it is only a matter of time until it is required that a chip be implanted in all 309 million US people in order to control their healthcare.

So I can see a future where it will be necessary to have a chip implant in order to get along in life for without it you will not be able to pay for anything, travel anywhere, get work, get healthcare. You will be living in a world where every part of your life will be controlled and you will not have any freedom, your every move will be tracked and if you step out of line the chip can simply be switched off. Without the chip you will be an outcast.

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